R&E Entertainment is a growing entertainment marketing agency at the intersection of celebrity brand marketing, licensing, talent management, and business. Our focus lies on the growth and development of celebrity brands and their business enterprises across disciplines, including hospitality, media, sports, and entertainment. We work with the visionaries, from chefs, creators, athletes, brands, and the tastemakers shaping the culture.


Since our inception, we have been on a relentless pursuit to build an inclusive, disruptive, and adaptive talent representation and creative marketing agency capable of meeting our clients’ ever-evolving needs and interests. Whether it’s producing content, exploring new business ventures, developing brand partnerships, securing tv/film opportunities, negotiating contracts, digital media, licensing, or technological ventures, we stand ready to help our clients maximize their brand potential.
And help our brand partners harness the power of culture.

Producing Content,
Business Ventures

Developing Brand Partnership
TV/Film Opportunities

Negotiating Contracts,
Digital Media,


We are guided by a few principles.

1. Always put our clients’ interest before our own

2. Operate with integrity, respect, and selflessness

3. Focus on the long term

4. Think big. Take risks. Be curious. Be resourceful

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