Brand Management // Business Enterprise Development // Venture Fundraising

This is the agency for the risk-takers.
Those who dare to be more than just an athlete.
The rule-breakers. culture drivers. And difference makers.
The athletes obsessed with pushing their personal limits.

Calling all athletes

Those with the audacity to dream.
The athletes with aspirations to be MORE.
The Fashionistas. Storytellers. Entrepreneurs
The ones who will change the game.

Our singular mission is to help our clients build brands and nurture their business interests during and after their active careers. The business success of so many athletes and entertainers post retirement are not accidents but by design.

Leveraging the right partners and broad industry relationships we help our clients build their business enterprises by tapping into opportunities and building brands across hospitality, tech, restaurants, fashion, hotel, content production, and more.


Every person is different, and their interests vary. Our responsibility is to ensure we succeed in maximizing the value of your brand through the avenues you are most passionate about. We work with you to focus on every aspect of your brand, including

+ Brand Management & Licensing

+ Content production

+ Business Venture & Fundraising

+ Business strategy and evaluation

+ Tech Startup Investment

+ Startup Advisor & Board Membership

+ Philanthropy & Social Enterprise

+ Product Development


We want to tell your story in its most authentic form. We start with an understanding of who you are, your hopes, dreams, and ambitions. From there, our teams begin to craft strategies and opportunities tailored to you.

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