Personal Chef, Restaurateur, and Philanthropist, Chef De’Bronya Hodges, better known as Chef Dee and former personal chef to Dj Khaled, is the young talented chef tantalizing the palates of some of Miami’s hottest hip-hop artists, athletes, and entertainers with delicious southern/fusion cuisine; promising full stomachs and empty plates every time.

Chef Dee has spent the majority of her life surrounded by food and family. For her, cooking is about more than just the end result; although that’ s important, it’s about the way her food makes people feel. Her earliest memories of her grandmother bringing the family together for delicious food and the smiles it brought to so many faces, led the passionate chef on a culinary journey to bring the same joy to every person that eats her food.

In July 2018, Chef Dee launched Empty Plates BBQ Sauce.

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Promising Empty Plates & Full Stomachs